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The vierundvierzig culture club is a non-profit association for promotion of contemporary music culture, exerted by young regional artists. Furthermore it strives to support cultivation, creativity and ongoing development of an emergent and alternative electronic music culture.

vierundvierzig is/has/does i. a.:

Recording studio
Workshops (music production, DJing, artist support)
Radio (monthly show on Res.Radio)
Sessions, networking & exchange (Meetings for musicans, studio sessions etc.)
Collaborations with cultural institutions & like-minded people


You want to take part in our activities, get to know us or make yourself useful?
Become a member at your next visit at our club (Schallmooser Hauptstraße 44).
Attention: Registration for your membership is required via the provided link in the newsletter prior to our monthly Heizkeller event.

You can choose from the following membership options:

Monthly membership (15€)
provides access to all events in our club for the current month (Workshops, Heizkeller – monthly club night, Cinema, Meetings etc.).

Yearly membership (75€)
Incl. a membership card (no need to stand in the queue at the entrance!); provides access to all events in our club for one year.

Supporting membership (150€)
incl. membership card (no queuing at the entrance of the Heizkeller!) and unique record package from our label catalog. In addition, every new release of our label is included (can also be sent on request); entitles you to participate in all events at the Heizkeller for one year from issue.

Student discount (only with a valid student identity card):
Monthly membership for 10€
Yearly membership small for 50€

Get further information on this procedure and our current dates via our newsletter.

Subscribe here.