Mad Rider – fmrann8 [4&40.01]

After 10 years of Freakadelle Recordings and an even longer existence of the eponymous association, the time has come for the Salzburg collective to make a change and release its first record under their new imprint vierundvierzig. It also marks the first solo release by Mad Rider named “fmrann8”, which contains 7 tracks that originated during the pandemic and were finalized after the opening of the clubs. These two different states – undecided whether we want to dance or go into hiding – are not only reflected in the music, they are also made visible in the cover design, which can appear colourful and monotonous at the same time. On the one hand, you can hear the longing for long club nights from a time when going to the club was not possible. On the other hand, the deceleration holds us as if we were sitting on fluffy clouds, not knowing what Mad Rider’s modular synthesizer, fed with unconventional drums and field recordings, or the future will bring next.

Listen to previews of all tracks as a mix on SoundCloud.

Written and Produced by Mad Rider
Mixed by Fred Kreeger & Mad Rider
Mastered by Mattias Fridell
Artwork by roc.rex
This record has been funded by Stadt Salzburg.

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